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The Mothers India Fragrances

Shanti Nagchampa

Shanti Nagchampa

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Shanti Nagchampa is based on the rich, sweet, traditional and popular temple fragrance of India. This is based on the wonderful aroma of the very widely accepted delicate, sweet floral bouquet of the Indian golden Champa also known as the flower of paradise (michelia champaka). Anchored by a base of sandalwood powder and blended beautifully with rose and night blooming jasmine, it creates an atmosphere suitable for prayer and meditation. Reminds you of India.

The Mother's India Fragrances are hand rolled and made from pure and natural ingredients. The India fragrances are based on traditional Indian incense and are therefore stronger than their sister incense: The Mothers' Fragrances. Each fragrance has honey and a resin called Mattipal at its base. This resin gives the fragrances their full, sweet scent and makes the sticks soft to the touch.

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