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Zen Thyme is an Adelaide based healing centre. Our goal is to help those needing support in any way.

About Us

Zen Thyme Healing is a Grange, SA-based business headed by Suzie Davies, offering a wide range of gentle, relaxing healing modalities. Suzie has a passion for helping people from all walks of life overcome difficulties and restore a proper energy balance within the body. In Suzie’s experienced, qualified hands, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Suzie is a Reiki master, Seichim and Karuna practitioner, and has also studied a range of other healing techniques such as theta, hypnotic type states, chakra and crystal healing. Drawing from her own life experiences, Suzie’s techniques can resonate with clients suffering from grief, illness, pain, anxiety and depression.


— Life Coaching Mentoring —

Suzie offers life coaching & mentoring to those that want to comit to this process.

— Quantum Healing —

Quantum healing also known as quantum therepy, this healing technique works by combining mind body medicine with quantum physics, mediation & Eastern medicine. This method purports that you can heal your body, mind and spirit by shifting energy at a quantum or subatomic level.

— Distant Healing —

Distant Healings are a great option we have available for those who are not able to come into the store or just want to make use of the benefits of Reiki with the added convenience of staying at home. Our distant Healings are as effective as an in person session and still provide a truly deep healing, giving yourself the chance to shift things on a very deep level.

Traditional Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that is a alternative to medicine, practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands on healing through which a universal healing frequncy is transferred through the practioner into the client.


Why Our Customers Love Our Service


"I did a bit of research prior to my reiki and chakra healing appointment, but I was unsure exactly how it worked and what to expect from my session with Suzie. I found Suzie easy to talk to, she was very intuitive. I felt very relaxed during my session. Later that day I felt tired and I had a headache, which apparently is a good sign that it has worked and healing has taken place. In the days after my appointment I definitely noticed a difference. I felt more confident and at ease. Suzie certainly has a gift and the session did wonders for me. I have mentioned it to family and friends and they are very keen on giving it a try too."

— Con Kokkino.


"It was my first time going to a Reiki healer and suzie was great. She was very welcoming and it made me feel calm. She help me identify the areas that had accumulated a lot of heavy energy and after the healing session I felt lighter. Though it did take a couple days for my energy to settle, once it did I felt less burdened by stress and overthinking and felt more balanced. If you have been working through your own personal struggles it is a good idea to go to a reiki session to help with your growth and i definitely recommend suzie as she has a great energy and does an awesome job."

— Riss Y.

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