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Zen Thyme

Mixed Tigers Eye & Hematite Bracelet

Mixed Tigers Eye & Hematite Bracelet

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Our intuitively made Crystal Bracelets are made by our gifted healer Suzie Davies. Using high quality, ethically sourced crystal beads this bracelet has been programmed with healing to protect, ground and shift energy for the wearer.

Tigers Eye is a great companion stone for anyone needing the courage and confidence to make changes in their life and have the ability to stay grounded in those decisions that need to be made. It helps you to connect to your intuition by opening your senses in order to know what feels right and what doesn’t.

Mixed with hematite, this bracelet assists those that are needing to come from a grounded place and stick to the path that they have started to pave for themselves in really committing to the new life that they have been building for themselves.

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