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Zen Thyme

Blue Adventurine Brcaelet

Blue Adventurine Brcaelet

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This is an intuitively made Crystal Bracelet by our gifted healer Suzie Davies. Using high quality, ethically sourced crystal beads this bracelet has been programmed with healing to protect, ground and shift energy for the wearer.

Blue Aventurine is a stone that can assist with mental clarity, changing old bad habits such as overeating, alcoholism and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in the negative cycles that keep repeating.

It is a stone of optimism and change. It can also help with physical ailments and problems with the respiratory system, eyes, ears and throat.

It has beneficial properties that also help with emotions and dealing with communication on a more positive level. It helps you to have a more positive mindset and give confidence in public speaking situations, and in general when dealing with people.

This stone has too many other benefits to mention and overall it is a must have if you are requiring support to change out of a negative mindset and start attracting new positive energies into your life.


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