Suzie's Healing Journey

Suzies healing journey began after years of pain and illness. Suzie had grown up with digestive issues and sensitivity for most of her life and unfortunately this later developed into autoimmune diseases. Trying to find some sort of quality of life she went down the ‘Western Medicine’ and the medication route and ended up on high doses of pain medication which later transitioned into an addition of biological injections (basically a form of chemo). On top of raising two young boys on her own, the symptoms that followed these high levels of toxicity pushed Suzie to breaking point. She believed that there had to be another way to heal her body without losing herself to the harsh symptoms and psychological effects of the medication.


Hitting rock bottom; Suzie turned to Reiki, noticing results quite quickly. It wasn't soon after that she decided to begin learning this Japanese form of healing. With the use of self healing, essential oils and vitamins she now had found the ability to wean herself down to the lowest dose of medication and then eventually cut it out completely. Suzie has experienced first hand the true potential of Reiki and how this type of healing can help people. She can now say with utmost confidence that she has never been healthier in every aspect of her life and thanks this world of healing for helping her find her true self and source of strength from within to heal and power through whatever comes her way.


How And When Did Zen Thyme Start?


Suzie couldn’t believe it when she was guided to open up this shop, working from home she knew she wanted to open up her own healing space, but Spirit had it planned for a lot earlier then she’d expected!


Being intuitively guided one day (only a few months before opening) to the exact shop she couldn’t believe at that time that this was her next step to take. With a lot of trust, patience and commitment Suzie opened up her Zen Thyme store in November of 2020!


To help people find their own true identity and live at their full potential

Our Top Value's

To shift the negativity people face everyday in the world

To always be a clear source of guidance and support for the mind, body and soul

Why Did Zen Thyme Start?


Suzie began Zen Thyme as a way to offer support and guidance to people who are wanting to make changes in their lives. Experiencing such a change in her own life, she had found a passion in sharing this transformation and what she had learnt with others. Going through so much in her life in all forms, Suzie is able to offer a combination of health guidance, life coaching, counselling, energy healing, mentoring and overall support in every aspect of your mind, body and soul health. Through this wide range of healing Suzie is able to transform lives and help people live at their full potential and do exactly what Zen Thyme was created to help accomplish for people.

Any Encouraging Words To Those New To Spiritual Healing?

For those new to Zen Thyme we encourage you to be open to miracles and change. We have seen people of all walks of life benefit from Suzie's unique way of healing. Have faith not only in Suzie but in yourself to make the necessary choices to benefit your life. You deserve to live in peace and not be weighed down by the stresses of this world. With Suzie and Zen Thymes support we give you that option to choose something better for yourself. The healing here is like no other. Suzies commitment and care for every client is more than just the hours spent in a session, with much preparation and work going on out of hours the healing provided is extremely deep and always exactly what is divinely needed. You are in good hands here at Zen Thyme.

Why Is What Suzie Provides In Her Healings Different To Somewhere Else?


The main point of difference here at Zen Thyme is the vast range of techniques and in depth healing provided. Suzie is extremely experienced when it comes to energetic healing and all that it entails. She has shifted all sorts of energies and has helped many different situations for people.. WIth her own life being something she can constantly use to relate. It provides the opportunity to connect with so many people on a deep level.

She works constantly to make sure her space and herself remain clear and grounded at all times to always ensure a truly safe and guided healing takes place.